Youth-led Campaigns

Fair and Just Schools

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This campaign focuses on creating or changing policies that improve schools to benefit everyone. By the end of the summer, students will become experts on a specific issue related to this topic and create a group action plan around a policy they wish to change. Campaign issues may include: zero tolerance policies, homophobia in schools, education reform, public school course requirements, school hiring practices and policies, and the school-to-prison pipeline. 

Past campaigns include establishing restorative justice practices in one high school, working in coalitions to increase transparency in CPS discipline data, advocating for a Student Bill of Rights, and writing and teaching curriculum on the school to prison pipeline.

Healthy Communities


This campaign focuses on creating or changing policies/programs that improve the health and well being of community members. By the end of the summer, students will become experts on a specific issue related to this topic and create a group action plan around a policy/program they wish to change or implement. Campaign issues may include: community violence & healing, sexual/reproductive health issues, mental/physical concerns, and food justice.

Past campaigns include writing and leading workshops on intimate partner violence and healthy relationships, advocating for healthy food options in corner stores, and addressing litter and neighborhood trash pick-up.

Environmental Justice

New in 2015! This campaign includes food justice, pollution, transit justice, or climate change. 

Past campaigns include a community mapping project in Altgeld Gardens. 

Ferguson to Chicago:

Chicago Freedom School Freedom Fellows' Call to Action

In light of the murder of Mike Brown and the growing resistance in Ferguson, MO

We are the youth.  We are black and brown. We are freedom fighters. We stand on the shoulders of many who came before us, fighting for the freedoms we have today. Not utilizing those freedoms to create a better environment for ourselves is neglecting our own power.

We are taking ownership of our communities and saying no more.  We are here to wake people up.  This is a movement for freedom, not only in Ferguson, but all over the country, including the communities we live in. While we were drafting this statement,  another young person was shot and killed by the police on the West Side of Chicago. 

WAKE UP!!! The national media is biased. They are neglecting to provide full coverage of several recent incidents like the murder of Michael Brown. We must look to alternate outlets to educate ourselves and others in order to protect ourselves.

WAKE UP !!! The police are attacking our people and disrespecting our communities.  We are tired of our peers being killed in the streets as though we are  sub-human beings. We must speak out, organize, and stand in solidarity in order to protect ourselves.   

We believe law enforcement and justice systems should be held accountable. We have experienced complete and total violations. We should not fear those who have an obligation to protect us. Here in Chicago youth daily endure violence and harassment at the hands of the police.   

WAKE UP!!! We must make connections to the oppressive, racist relationship between underemployment, unjust school environments, legal, justice, and other systems that contribute to the violence done to our bodies daily. People in numerous communities all over this country live this reality.     

Today we say to all youth WAKE UP!!! We can no longer underestimate the  power  we have to make change in our communities.  We must stand up and get active in support of the struggle  against police  brutality, racism, and all forms of oppression Mike Brown's murder and the growing protests in Ferguson are bringing to the surface. 

Get Active in the struggle against police brutality  and support the fight for freedom and demand Darren Wilson be charged for the murder of Mike Brown. 

Visit  OBS and Hands Up Don't Shoot Coalition to find more information on local and national demands for justice. 

Though we have not fully vetted these, here are some resources for teaching about Ferguson