Project Heal Us Overview

"I feel more empowered to talk about certain issues regarding reproductive justice. I want to educate others that reproductive justice is  more than just what goes on in our sexual lives."

-Project HealUs participant

Project HealUs activates and prepares fifteen young people of color ages 14-20 to explore, engage, and expand the work of the reproductive justice movement within their communities. Project HealUs participants build leadership through political education, skill development, and youth-led action through a 10-week curriculum focused on the history of the reproductive just movement, misogyny, reproductive planning, rape culture awareness, compassionate countering strategies and community organizing. The curriculum was researched and written by a team of youth and coordinated by Jacqulyn Hamilton, CFS's Wellness Coordinator.

“Project HealUs is exactly that, healing. During the program you learn about reproductive Justice through an intersectional social and political lens while building the power to develop collective strategies and alternatives to oppressive structures and ideologies." 

Project HealUs launched in Spring 2016. Thank you to the Chicago Foundation for Women's Catalyst Fund for Reproductive Justice and the Crossroads Fund for supporting Project Heal Us!


"Project HealUs is the best thing that happened to me this year."

-Project HealUs participant

Coming soon:

Applications for Project heal us 2017!

Program starts April 6, 2017