2014 Freedom Fellows (Photos courtesy of Sarah Jane Rhee of http://www.loveandstrugglephotos.com)

2014 Freedom Fellows (Photos courtesy of Sarah Jane Rhee of http://www.loveandstrugglephotos.com)

Freedom Fellows

"[During the Summer Leadership Institute] I had to dig deep within myself to really start understanding all of the injustices in the world. Having made friends at CFS who I feel will be around for life, made everything a plus. It's like going out to do good in the world with your brother or sister. These people are like your family."  -2014 Freedom Fellow

The Freedom Fellowship provides opportunities for young people of color ages 14-17 from across Chicago to develop their unique voice, power and ability to create social change in their lives, schools and communities.  Fellows participate in educational trainings and activities that help them develop leadership skills, understand the history of systems and social movements, analyze current issues, and learn strategies for positive community change.

The Freedom Fellowship runs from July to December each year.  Fellows participate in an intensive Summer Leadership Institute in July and continue working together in weekly meetings after school from September to December to design and implement a collective action project.  Youth accepted to the Freedom Fellowship receive a stipend after successfully completing the program.  CTA passes and meals are provided.

Since 2007, the Freedom Fellowship has brought together 194 youth from across Chicago to work together to exchange ideas, grow as leaders and take action to improve their communities.  Freedom Fellowship Alumni continue to be engaged in organizing and policy campaigns to address issues such as criminal justice system reform, affordable housing, school reform, DREAM Act, zero-tolerance policies, food justice, gender representation in media, among others.


2015 Freedom Fellowship

Applications for the 2015 Freedom Fellowship will be available in the spring. Please check back with us soon! 

Questions? Contact Tony at 312-435-1201, or click the link to your right to send an e-mail. 

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