Eva Nagao will be joining the CFS staff on April 29th as our new Outreach & Operations Coordinator.  We could not be more excited...Read on and learn why.


Eva hails from the D.C. metro area and brings a background of activism through art and creative resistance against the prison industrial complex.  The Chicago Freedom School is the first organization she worked with upon her arrival to the windy city, and she was happy to serve on the CFS board starting in 2009, and as co-chair of the Board of Directors in 2011.  In her last position Eva was Program Director for the Exoneration Project at the University of Chicago, an organization working to expose the injustices in the legal system that allow the conviction of innocent people.  In her spare time, she also collaborates with Project Nia to bring attention to problems endemic to mass incarceration with informative history exhibits and art installations throughout the Chicago area.  Eva is an avid cyclist, printmaker, and an amateur seamstress. When she is not on her bicycle you can most likely find her in the kitchen trying to cook the intricate Japanese dishes her family so loves.  She occasionally succeeds.

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