50 for $50 Campaign

Building the next generation of movement leaders and activists takes a lot of work! Your ongoing financial support is the fuel that keeps us moving!

Become a 50 for $50 donor 

By joining our 50 for $50 campaign, you commit to donating $50 per month because you believe in the power of young people to address most pressing issues of this historical moment--mass incarceration, racism, policing, climate change, access to mental health care, and more. 

CFS works with over 1000 youth and adult allies annually. CFS youth...

...come to CFS with passion to create social change and leave equipped with essential knowledge, skills, relationships, and experience to take action; 

 ...are more likely to graduate from high school, vote, and participate in community groups;

...develop activist identities that last throughout their lives.


Fundraising IS organizing! 

Our work is supported by our incredible community, and we want to grow it!

Why not ask a friend to match your donation and double your impact? 

We also love gifts at any level. If $50 per month is too much for your budget right now, you can still participate in 50 for $50 by organizing your friends, family and colleagues.

Consider a $25 monthly donation and ask a friend to match you.  OR, organize a team of five people and ask each member to sign up to donate $10 per month. All contributions make a difference (and are tax-deductible)!

Need more information? Click here for our Donor Packet.

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